Google Place Picker Plugin for Xamarin Projects

It has been long since I have updated my blog, here is a new post for Xamarin community 🙂

You might have come across different needs for selecting location in your apps, and might have resorted of developing Custom Renderer in case of Xamarin.Forms app.

I have developed an open source plugin for Xamarin to make this process easier. If you are interested in helping me out to extend the plugin, you can start contributing here:

One line of code, you will get Google Place Picker in your application.

Let’s get into step:

Step 1: Install Nuget to all projects in solutions (ie. in Shared PCL and Platform Specific projects)

Step 2: Sign up for Google Maps Key at

Step 3:

Follow Platform setup guide from

Step 4:

Wherever you require place picker, use

If you want to set initial map screen to specific bounds, use

If you face any issues, comment here, or in issues tracker at github

Sample for this plugin used in and Xamarin.Forms project can be found here