Elegant Tabs and Rg.Popup for the Fancy UI World

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Recently our designers gave our Xamarin Mobile team a hard time to implement a fancy UI paradigm with TabbedPage.

The center tab icon should open popup instead of another tab page.

The concept was simple and nowadays seen in many of the mobile application.

Challenges Faced

The challenge was with the implementation using Xamarin Forms because

  • Xamarin Forms does not have out of the box BottomSheet solution.
  • TabbedPage Tabs have no customisation or their Clicks could not be overridden without Page Navigation.

My initial research were based on how to customize the TabbedPage tabs to avoid Page Navigation on Specific Tab. But after lot of research the solution was either to completely create a custom Tabbed Control or Custom Renderer the Xamarin Forms TabbedPage.


I chose the custom renderer route, built a plugin called ElegantTabs to meet my needs.

ElegantTabs helped me to defer the click for specific tab items by applying

in the TabbedPage Children Tab Items

ElegantTabs helped me to solve other problems like Removing the titles with Tab Icons, give custom selected and unselected icons.

I accessed the Tab Icon click events by subscribing to

and in the event handler, I check the tab index for implementing appropriate action of calling PopPage.

The other challenge was how to introduce the bottom sheet with its own instance based on the center tab click.

Research gave me multiple options like Custom Controls with help of PanGestureRecognizer, SlideOverKit and Rg.Plugins.Popup

I chose Rg.Plugins.Popup because it met my needs of separate ViewModel instance for the BottomSheet.

It also integrates with Xamarin Forms Navigation, so any new Popup is invoked with

Even though the plugin is actually a popup control, not an actual replacement for BottomSheet, with the customization offered by Rg.Plugins.Popup, I was able to emulate the action of bottom sheet.

I used move animation inbuilt with Rg.Plugins.Popup to emulate slide over.


This was an interesting challenge for our development team, even though after our initial implementation, there were other approaches for the same problem blogged by the awesome Xamarin Community Members.

I am listing few of them here

Sample Project with our implementation can be found in my GitHub

ElegantTabs can be found at https://github.com/muhaym/ElegantTabs, with clear documentation about the capabilities offered by ElegantTabs.

Feel free to contact me in case of doubts, clarification & better solutions and enhancements.

Thanks to our company Fantacode allowing us to invest time in this opensource solution.

2 thoughts on “Elegant Tabs and Rg.Popup for the Fancy UI World”

  1. Hi those gif looks great! Download the project but it does not look like at all what the pic is showing.

    I was interested to see if you have an entry in the bottom sheet if the keyboard was going to overlap the entry.

    many thanks

    1. Hi, the GIF is from one of our project in Production, I couldn’t share the whole code.

      Haven’t tried with any entry, but you could try with the sample.

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